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Meet Dr. Darren Avise


Dr. Darren Avise and family

In 2000, Dr. Avise started Avise Chiropractic to serve the people of Auburn, Lakeland Hills and Sumner. His practice has grown through word of mouth and is most grateful for the many referrals from patients and other health care professionals. Dr. Avise believes that everybody has a “health account” and our lifestyle determines whether we are making deposits into the health account or repeated withdrawals. To many withdrawals lead to a loss of function and an overall poor state of health. Regular chiropractic care is definitely a deposit into your health account.

Dr. Avise is dedicated to helping teach patients how to make “deposits” and better cope with stressors by living a healthier lifestyle. To best achieve this goal Avise Chiropractic utilizes the most current computerized chiropractic technology. His adjustment techniques are both manual (traditional) and instrument (activator).

A Chiropractic Education

Dr. Avise graduated from Sumner High School then attended Green River Community College. While in high school and college Dr. Avise worked in a lumber yard. During this time he developed a health issue that specialist after specialist could not resolve. Then he met a chiropractor, got under care and within three weeks he was better than he had been in six years. He immediately switched majors and enrolled at Life Chiropractic College where he was a senior student instructor and received the clinical excellence award.

On a Personal Note…

Dr. Avise married his high school sweetheart Tammi in 1992 and share two beautiful daughters together. They enjoy traveling, quad riding in the Arizona desert, and hosting family barbecues.

Professional Affiliations:

Washington State Chiropractic Association
Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

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