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Auto Accident Care at Avise Chiropractic

Man holding neck after accidentA collision can be a huge trauma to your body and mind. One of the biggest dangers lies in not getting the care and attention you need after an accident. For example, if you have whiplash that is left untreated, your spine will begin to degenerate. Once degeneration sets in, there is no way to reverse it.

You may also experience issues like chronic headaches, numbness down your arms and digestive troubles.

After an accident, we suggest that after you rule out life-threatening injuries or broken bones, you schedule a checkup at Avise Chiropractic. We can make sure there is no underlying damage that will compromise your health further down the road.

How to Prepare

Please bring in the accident report, your driver’s license and the information of the at-fault driver. Know that we have digital X-rays on-site, so you do not need to have these images taken before your visit.

Dr. Avise may recommend that you get a massage or have acupuncture done alongside your chiropractic care. It’s our goal to make sure you heal as quickly as possible. Your recovery will depend on the nature of your accident and your injuries, typically taking 3-6 months in total.

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